rgz Bookmark Tutorial is Up!

The readergirlz bookmark tutorial is up! There’s still time to order a kit, so if you know a readergirl who might be interested, send her a link.

And now here’s an idea for all you already-stitchers. In the intro video and tutorial, I encourage readergirlz to stitch an extra bookmark or two to include in the books they drop on April 15 for Operation Teen Book Drop. Well, how ’bout we do the same thing? The pattern pdf is available on the readergirlz blog. You can go grab it, too. (Yes, you have to go there to get it.)

These clip bookmarks stitch up fast, and they’re small enough that you can use scraps to make them. Seriously, I stitched five while listening to programs during the 24-hour Bookmark Collectors’ Virtual Convention, and I was looking at slides simultaneously. And I’m a super-slow stitcher!

Stitch up a bookmark, stick it in a YA book–along with a bookplate (download, print, and glue it inside the cover or clip it to the front with the handy-dandy clip bookmark) explaining that the book is free for the taking–and leave the book someplace a teen is likely to find it.

We’ll make this part of the Bookmark Challenge, too. Every rgz bookmark you stitch and drop with a book on April 15 will count in our Bookmark Challenge total. You just have to remember to tell me about it. Or better still, take and send pictures. My email address is in the sidebar, you know.

Two great causes = Too much fun! Remember how much fun I had taking books to the mall in Anchorage last year? I included bookmarks in those, too.

Happy Stitching!

Hmm, what books shall I drop this year?

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