Reality Check

Today is Day 24 23 of our trip. I’m blogging about Day 12 (Assisi and Spoleto)—or soon will be—while rain drizzles outside and Mike and Barb nap. We’re in Lucca now, having just spent three days in Venice, two of which we shared with our niece, Lexi.

Dinner at our Miralaghi farmhouse.

One of our routine dinners: No fuss, no muss, no cooking, inexpensive, nutritious, yummy, and pretty. Tuna and bean salad, green (red and white) salad, bread with olive oil. Roses from Festa della Donna. Miralaghi olive oil from home owner, made from olives on the property. The couch in back holds daily travel gear (backpacks, jackets, hats, etc.); the couch on the right has almost enough light to read by at night. That’s where Barb and Mike make master plans for our days.

We were (happily) Internetless in Venice, but that’s just a small part of why I’m so far behind on the blog. Mostly, it’s because we’re on the go from early in the morning until well into the evening, and I need those six or seven hours of sleep I’m getting at night. In truth, I could probably use an extra hour or two of showering, laundry, and eating now and then, but they’re not priorities.

Dinner in Venice, very similar to the Miralaghi dinner.

Dinner in Venice, several days, maybe even a week after that one in Miralaghi. Tuna salad (with green beans this time), green (and red) salad, bread with the last of the Miralaghi olive oil, and Prosecco (consumed mostly by Lexi, since she was the only one who really liked it). My four words for the day: New town, same dinner. That’s not a complaint: I love it and could eat it every day. Same pile pullover, too, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. That’s also not a complaint. There’s no complaining here at all.

We’re having a wonderful time, seeing interesting and beautiful places and things, and I will continue to blog details of the days, in the order they’ve taken place, as time permits, continuing after we get home, until I’ve touched on them all. I’m taking notes daily to help me remember places, events, and impressions.

On our last day off (Day 17), I wrote and scheduled Days 10 and 11 to post automatically, but mistakenly set Day 10 to post in April rather than March. You have to scroll past the Chiusi day to read about our first Firenze day, which actually only went live today. Oops!

Coming up: Assisi and Spoleto.

The Grand Canal in Venice.

Venice. We’ll get to this in time.

I’d end with a picture from this morning, but I haven’t downloaded today’s pictures yet. I’m not sure I have much time for Assisi and Spoleto now. They were short naps. Hrmph.

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