Reality Check: April in Alaska

I’ve still got another ten days or so to add to the Italy journal, but we’ve been home for two weeks now and are finally heading out to Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge for some spring caretaking. We’ve been in a holding pattern for over a week, waiting for the perfect non-storm of schedules and weather to coordinate, allowing for a fun and safe boat trip.

Here at the homestead it’s springtime in Alaska.

Looking out on the Matanuska Glacier and Chugach Mountains

Springtime in Alaska: Long sunny days, April snow, gradual warming and melting.

The welcoming committee was waiting for us.

Moose in snow eating willow twigs

Welcome home! I’m not eating the raspberries…much.

Since I won’t be here to start the garden when I normally would—we don’t ask the caretakers to tend the garden—Mike shoveled snow off the beds, and I put warming plastic down. This extra-early start is an attempt to compensate for what will ultimately be a late start.

Laying out black plastic on snowy garden beds.

April gardening. Crazy? Um…kind of.

To help me stay in the Italy frame of mind as I continue to process and write about the trip, I’m perfecting my crusty-bread baking technique. By George, I think I’ve got it!

A round loaf of crusty bread.

Crusty and chewy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside. I love my Dutch oven.

We’re off to the lodge and back to Italy.

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  1. Holy cow! How gorgeous is all of that?! The view from your garden is spectacular! And that bread is a close second.

  2. “Gorgeous” is what we strive for! I love it here despite the weather; heck, sometimes I love the weather.

    And that bread really is good. I’ve never had success getting a good crust just in the oven, even with a pan of water on the bottom, spraying water during baking, and using a pizza stone. The Dutch oven makes all the difference for me.