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Radio Praetoria

Most people I know have music, radio, or TV on most of the time, whether they are actively listening or it is on as background noise. I don’t. I got out of that habit while caretaking, and came to like my relatively silent world. That’s part of the reason I can hear owls when they hoot and coyotes when they howl. Mike and I have made many an auto trip up and down the ALCAN and across the country without listening to anything at all, except, on occasion, each other.


Not so as I NaNo. Part of the NaNo experience for me is enjoying a “writer’s life.” As if I don’t actually live it already–yeah, I know. I guess it’s my romantic vision of a writer’s life. I turn on the colorful ceiling lights, light a couple of mmm-smelly candles, and click onto Radio Praetoria through Live365. The station’s tag line is “Music that sings to the soul and sparks the imagination.” That’s bound to help me write 50,000 words in 30 days, right?

PS – Thanks for the words of support in the comments. It helps. The threat of public humiliation is great inspiration and motivation.

PPS – You can cheer blog reader, Becca, on here, too. She accepted the challenge/invitation and is also playing. I’ve invited her to guest blog here, but I think she’s hoarding words these days.

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  1. I too do not like to have the background noises going, although some people say they cannot work without.

    I am new to this book bloggin thing and took up the challenge over at Mother Reader to look at and make comments on other people’s blogs, which is a good thing because I am discovering that if you are shy with people face to face you are generally shy on the internet. Go figure.

    Good luck with your nanowrimo!

  2. About shyness in general correlating with shyness on the internet…I think you’re onto something here. It had never occurred to me before, but I think the observation is spot-on. I’m a bit outspoken in person and, what a shock, I’m a bit loud-mouthed on the internet, too. I bet you’re surprised by that!

  3. Hey there! I’m the station manager/programmer for Radio Praetoria. Hope you liked the music and it helped inspire you! Thanks for the mention.