“When it rains, it pours.” There’s a reason this became a common saying. Yesterday it poured: I got 4 bits of Bad Business News. Bleh. Being the emotional sort, I let myself feel miserable and discouraged. What’s the point of feeling a little grumpy? If I’m going to be grumpy, I’m going to make the most of it.

At some point, though, it’s time to build a bridge and get over it. I’m not a particularly good bridge-builder, but I think I’m getting better with age. For me, bridge-building begins with perspective. Gotta have it.


One way I get perspective is by looking out my window. Really. This is how I see the Big Picture, literally and figuratively. That’s part of the reason we live where we do: it keeps me sane. Looking at the house next door doesn’t help my perspective and remind me where I fit in the world. Mountains and glaciers put me in my place. In some way, I think they set an example for me: they endure. So will I. Well, not as long as they will…

Of course, this picture wasn’t taken today. You need to add some snow to see what I saw today, but you get the idea. It works, and I’m grateful to have this cure for what ails me.

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  1. And what a glorious perspective it is! Congratulations on finding perspective so quickly. When I grump out, I usually cling to my grumpiness longer.