Peas, Glorious Peas!

The garden channel is turned to Snow Peas. I’m giving blanching and freezing a whirl. We’ll see if they turn out to be mush when re-heated.



I took Jane’s advice last week and made a dip for my raw veggies, primarily the turnips. I made hummus. The verdict: I like raw turnips as a vehicle for hummus. A lot! Thanks, Jane. Making a dip may seem like a no-brainer, but I assure you, the idea was nowhere in my brain until Jane suggested it.


If there were a beauty pageant for vegetables, I would enter this one as Miss Alaska. I think she could win.

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  1. She would win. I told you turnips were photogenic. Hummus and turnips- I just may have to try that.

  2. Do you grow kohlrabi? That’s where I earned dip was good on root veggies. Then I tried turnips!
    Jane in WV

  3. I haven’t grown kohlrabi…yet. And I’ve only eaten it once. That’s cabbage-y, too, isn’t it? But it’s goofy appearance is appealing.

    I’ve figured out where to put four more garden beds plus special rhubarb and chive boxes. There should be plenty of room to try kohlrabi next year if I can find seeds or starts. Maybe it’s time to start mail-ordering.

    Of course, who’s going to help us eat all this? I have ornamental lettuce!

    Oh that’s right…there are hungry moose around.

  4. Jen, I’ve never eaten kohlrabi cooked, but when raw it tastes like oniony cabbage. And with dip, yum!