Needle and ThREAD


It’s time for my annual rant about spending hours crafting beautiful hand-stitched bookmarks only to hide them inside books, where few people can see and enjoy them.

Me? I prefer to keep my needlework out of the book, visible to me and the world. I attach my needlework to ribbons or shepherd’s hooks and allow them to mark my spot while the needlework acts like a flower, drawing attention to itself and the book to invite closer inspection by passersby. This way, we get the best of both form and function.

tiger-bookmark.jpgNeedlework attached to shepherd’s hook.

This year, I’ve discovered yet another option for setting our needlework free from book interiors: the P-Hook.

No, this is not a crochet hook. It is more or less a shepherd’s hook, but with a loop handle for easy grabbing.


That loop, my friends, begs for needlework.

Two things I especially like about these little gizmos: they come in colors–good colors, at that–and you can get twelve of them for $7.00 here.

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