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Off to Sydney

I’m off to Sydney next week to check out the Craft Expo at Rose Hill.

This is by way of preparation for my inaugural attendance as an exhibitor at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney in June.

I’ve never done a retail show before. I’ve only ever exhibited at wholesale shows.

I’m taking my DH with me next week. He SAYS he’s interested in how a craft show is organised. He’s never been to one before. I need him to come and look at how exhibitors set up their stalls so that he understands what I am talking about when I describe my display ideas to him.

I’m not going to be flying solo at my first retail show. I’m going to be sharing with two other Australian designers – Yvette of Vetty Creations (the author of the wonderful stitch dictionaries I talked about last week) and a friend of hers who is starting up a quilling company. I know we’ll have fun.

I have a third of a stall to fill. I have to be able to carry my entire display requirements in one extra case because I’ll be flying from Perth to Sydney for this show. I have spent weeks looking at amazing pop-up displays that spring out of fabulous travel trunks. Those display-making chappies are extremely clever! Some of the displays I’ve seen are so amazing they’d knock your socks off! I think I’ve decided on a kiosk style display … now I have to decide what I want to include in the kiosk. How many shelves? Do I want to include a screen with a video loop? Do I want wrap-around signage? Decisions, decisions!

It’s going to be fun designing exactly what I want in the way of displayware. It’s also going to be fun to design a couple of new designs for promotion at this event. I’ll keep you posted on progress with my display!

And now I’d like to do a quick survey. When you go to a craft expo do you like to buy kits and books directly from the exhibitors at the show. Or do you like to gather information from the various exhibitors to take home, so you can make a considered purchasing decision at a later date? Or perhaps a little of both?

I’d love to hear you thoughts on this.

And next week I’ll let you know if my DH will ever volunteer to come to a craft show again!

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  1. Well I’ll definitely be going to the show in June! I can introduce myself to you in person 🙂

    It really depends on the show and frankly how much disposable income I have. I am a sucker for stitched models, and if the chart or kit is on a small discount there and then, I have to buy it. If there’s no discount or I am particularly broke that visit, I take all the info home and purchase later.

    At previous Shows I’ve tended to spend my money on items I cannot see at my local store. So I buy hand dyed fabrics from Stitches and Spice every Show – there’s nothing that can compare to seeing those fabrics in person instead of on a computer monitor. Same reason why stitched models get me every time 🙂

    Hope this helps

  2. And I will be thrilled to meet you there Mel 🙂

    And yes, your comments are very helpful. I am a great believer in show discounts myself, and I know what you mean about Stitches and Spice fabrics – they are just too delicious for words, and definitely better in person!

    stitching hugs

  3. Hrmph. I don’t know Stitches and Spice fabrics. Are they anything like Picture This Plus fabrics?

    I tend to be grateful for things I can take with me to consider further. I don’t like “buy now or it will be gone” pressure and tend to react by walking away.

    However, I think the best option is BOTH options–having something people can purchase on the spot and having something slow thinkers like me can take away.

    I need to look into craft fairs in AK. Surely there are some.

    This sounds like fun, Janie. I look forward to hearing more, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the booth!