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November Kid-Lit Doings

If you’re not already stealing time from your regularly scheduled activities like eating, showering, and sleeping to scratch out a 50,000-word novel in November with the other 90,000+ NaNoWriMos, then perhaps you’d like to check out these other reading/writing events.

roberts-snow.jpgWe’re entering Week 4 of Blogging for a Cure. Children’s book illustrators who have created snowflakes for the Robert’s Snow auction are being interviewed on various kid-lit blogs. This week’s interview schedule is posted in many places, but I’ll send you here because it’s where I go to see the schedule. You can see a list of all posted interviews here, complete with links.

Today marks the beginning of the Winter Blog Blast Tour, a series of children’s- and YA-author interviews on various kit-lit blogs. Yep, there is a lot of blogging in the kid-lit world. We are, after all, readers and writers. We take to blogging like chocolate chips take to cookies. (Ease up. All writers, even the best ones, write crap now and then.)

nt101-ri.jpgChildren’s Book Week is November 12-18. Check with your local library to see what events might be planned. And don’t forget to stitch a bookmark! The Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy 2007 Bookmark Challenge runs through November 15th. You still have time to stitch a bookmark and send it to a participating shop, or donate it to your local library, or simply hand it to a kid who’s reading a book.

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  1. I have four bookmarks done and a fifth in the works. In the absence of a local participating shop, I plan to give them to the school librarians I work with. X,s & Oh’s is doing a tree ornament collection for a diabetes project through November 30, so now I need to get to work on a couple of those.

  2. Excellent, Becca! Let us know what your librarians do with your bookmarks. It would be neat to see the kids’ reactions and to see your bookmarks being used by them.

    Good luck with Jo’s ornament project.