Novel Truths

I’ve got another book passage to share. Let’s see if it resonates for any of you, out of context.

This is from page 33 of the paperback edition of Haven Kimmel’s The Used World.

She wondered, in the months that followed and certainly now, what the human eye sees in that first moment. Do we know something, or do we decide it in an instant and only later rewrite the scene to imply that something decided on us?

I read these sentences a number of times, contemplated their meaning and my own experience with what I think is the meaning, and I believe these sentences spawned an idea in my NaNo project. I think that’s quite a lot for two sentences to deliver.

Do they do anything for any of you?


As I was making the link for the title just now, I discovered a radio interview with Haven discussing this book on North Carolina Public Radio. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I will soon. You can beat me to it if you’d like.

As you can tell (page 33), I haven’t gotten far in the book. The Vocab Fun, Three Bears, and NaNo projects are all coming to a head just now. Things could be a bit spotty around here between now and December 2 or 3 or so.

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  1. Those very lines made me stop and ponder, too.

    I meant to tell you that I looked at a lot of the Needle & ThREAD work that you’ve done–it looks fabulous! It’s thorough and makes one want to be involved.