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No Mo NaNo

Sigh. It’s over.

November has become one of my favorite months, and it’s all because of NaNoWriMo. Yes, I could do the same thing on my own any time of year, and to some extent I do. I even have writing friends who play the silly novel-writing game with me year-round. It doesn’t matter. I like NaNoing in November. I like the NaNoWriMo organization. I like the pep talks, especially Chris Baty’s. I like the NaNo application on Facebook. I really like my NaNo graph.


I like parts of what I write. I like sharing the experience with a few writing friends. I like hammering out 2,000 words during quiet, dark, early mornings, surrounded by candles and colored lights, and with all the jasmine blossom green tea I can drink. Mostly, though, I like the ideas that come and the connections they make with one another–and me.

It was the easiest NaNo year yet. Oh, the resulting 50,000 words are mostly crap, but the writing was easier than ever. Ideas flowed. It makes for a boring graph, but what fun! I’m pulling out a few parts I like and starting over now.

The really Big NaNo news here comes not from me, but from Becca.

You’ll recall that we changed the rules and goal of her game about half-way through (25,000 words) and again three-quarters of the way through (35,000 words). Well, check this out:

nano-graph-beccaLook at that finish! Now here’s an exciting graph!

BeNaNoWriMo was a no go. Becca ran the whole 50,000-word marathon and is an official NaNoWriMo 2009 Winner.


Yay, us!

PS – Becca wrote 20 more words than I did. Now she’s just showing off. Pfffft.

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