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New Puzzle Pattern Contest–Day 5

If you’re just joining us for the New Puzzle Pattern Contest, scroll down to Day 1 for instructions.

Yes, you may still submit answers to earlier puzzles. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (Alaska time) on August 6th, but you may submit any entry anytime. So, technically, you can have a puzzlefest on August 5th, solve all the puzzles at once, and submit your answers for chances to win.

Back to School displays, supplies, and sales are all over the place, so I’ve decided to follow suit and offer a Back to School bracelet class, September 22-28. I’m so excited! Online classes just might be my favorite thing about designing. I want to create more classes.


This is the bracelet we make in class. You have the option of purchasing the kit with these materials, or you can supply your own materials. I’ll send you a list of what is needed.


I’ve made this pattern a number of times with different colors. I love them all!


Once you know how to make the bracelet, it’s easy to change the decorative stitch to create an endless variety of custom bracelets. I’ve probably stitched 100 bracelets. Seriously. One of my guild friends suggested an intervention might be in order. What can I say? I love these things!

And I love the New Puzzle Pattern Contest. Are you ready for the final puzzle, the one that will make all those crazy answers clear at last? Then cruise on over to the In a Minute Ago blog and see what sharon b has in store for you.

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  1. Jen, my husband has a thig about PayPal (loath isn’t too strong a word). Is it possible to pay by check? I way want to do the class.

  2. Since you enjoy making them, how about making a few for your non-crafty friends, who would love to purchase them!! You’ve got a buyer right here.

  3. Of course, Becca. I’ll be in touch after the 12th. Or, if I forget (ahem), give me an e-shout.

    Shell, I plan to open an Etsy shop in the very near future to sell bracelets and more. Honestly, every time I wear one, someone asks if I sell them, so I guess it’s time.