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New Class Taking Shape

I think I’ve settled on a design for a new online class. I’m so excited! I’m saving a couple of the early attempts so that I can share them here. The first completed model is just plain ugly, even after much ripping and re-stitching. It’s kind of amazing that I saw something worthwhile in it. The next model is much better, but still not quite right. The third one, I actually like. I cut it out tonight and will take it all the way through the finishing process, though I’d like to scan the flat design first.

I began model #4 tonight, measuring and recording the fiber I use, and taking notes on the process so that I can write instructions. There will be several more models after that as I follow and test the instructions myself, then have a couple of stitchers test them for me. I’m using the same family of colors for all the models, but altering the placement, and I want to encourage stitchers to choose their own color placement. There’s a random wildness to the design that I’d like to maintain, while still providing a concrete pattern for stitchers who want that.

This process has been much faster than the bracelet process; I made dozens of bracelets as I developed that pattern. Or maybe I was just having so much fun making them… It’s true: I love making bracelets! And who am I kidding? I could end up with dozens of these before all is said and done.

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