Needle and ThREAD

New Blogger Contest Winners

Hooray, for everyone who played! Whatever your results, I’m grateful for your effort. I had a heap of fun, and I hope you did, too.

The answer to the cryptogram is as follows:

Come in the evening,
Come in the morning,
Come when expected,
Come without warning;
Thousands of welcomes
You’ll find here before you,
And the oftener you come,
The more we’ll adore you—Irish Rhyme

I love that. I figure it’s a message from me to you and from all of us to our new blogger, who, (drum roll, please) is the brilliant, talented, and oh-so-fun

Janie Hubble

from Down Under. Janie is going to drop the Stitching for Literacy pebble in a local pond and start a ripple in the southern hemisphere. Look out, World–we’ve got you covered!

Our Winners

Everyone who participated will receive a coupon for the new Funk & Weber online shop. Look for it in your Inbox soon.

Funk & Weber Designs baseball bookmark kitWinner of the Funk & Weber Designs Going, Going, Gone! baseball bookmark kit is: ~~~Paula~~~

Funk & Weber Designs, bookmark-maker's toolkitWinner of the Bookmark-maker’s Toolkit is: ~~~Rachel~~~

JHD Flower Juggler's BookmarkAnd winners of the new JHD “The Flower Juggler’s Bookmark” pattern are: ~~~Nikki, Karen, and Becca~~~

Congratulations, winners!

The baseball bookmark kit is available in the Funk & Weber Shop, of course, and after many requests, it will also be available as a downloadable pattern next month. Janie’s elegant Flower Juggler’s Bookmark pattern will be available in the JHD Emporium (even her shop is elegant!) soon, if not right this minute.

Janie is a blast-and-a-half. I’ve always loved her designs and innovative finishing. She is all kinds of great things that I am not, so I think we’re going to be an awesome team, and I’m thrilled to have her on board here. We’re in for some fun.

She’ll be here soon to introduce herself. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

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  1. Well, yay! I wasn’t going to enter since I was hosting part of the puzzle, but the lure of the cryptogram was too strong. I love solving puzzles! And the Janie’s bookmark is perfect for my MIL!

  2. The design from Janie is gorgeous. Thanks so much for the chance to play. (Winning ain’t so bad either 😉 )