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Needlework Show Puzzle Contest Winners

I hate to cover up Saturday’s post, but I hate to let the blog sit idle, too. I hope you will go read it if you haven’t already.

As usual, Funk & Weber Designs hosted a puzzle contest during The Needlework Show, Sept. 24-29.

And the winners are…


Camille, from Haslet, TX

Christina, from Morro Bay, CA

Both selected the Fall, In Pieces pattern as their prize.

The two-word answer to the puzzle was Fiction Sampler. Yeah, yeah. Thematic, I know. The fact that you know I have thematic tendencies gives you a leg up, don’t you think?

“Fiction Sampler” gives me a design idea. If it actually develops into something, you heard about it first, right here.

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  1. Hey, Sue Prior caught me at church today and raved, again, about your web site, blog and your puzzles – except for Soduco (spelling?) – she, and I, have no idea how that works.