Category: Needle and ThREAD

Updates on the Needle and ThREAD program which uses needlework to promote and support literacy.

Needle and ThREAD Progress

The wheels for local events are in motion. I visited Karen at Arctic Needle in Anchorage, and she enthusiastically agreed to participate in the Bookmark Challenge. She will also join me in […]

Bookmark #2

ACK! The first attempt to stitch bookmark #2 has been aborted due to unsatisfactory color choices. New colors have been selected, and I’m off and stitching again. I also resized the design […]

Reading and Stitching

We began a new “joint” book tonight. That’s a book that we read together, meaning Mike reads aloud while I stitch. We are way-yonder slower getting through joint books these days (unlike […]


If you found your way here, you probably noticed some changes to this site. “Website work” has made its way to the top of my To-Do list. Today I upgraded WordPress. I’ve […]

Stitching and More Stitching

I’ve got the new puzzle pattern (the one from when–February?) set up on the floor stand so that I can sit down and stitch whenever the mood strikes me, or whenever I […]

New Bookmarks

I spent a good deal of time today designing the next bookmarks. The one that is complete is half of a tribute to librarians (media specialists). I worked on the other half […]