May Book?

We don’t have a May book selection. I just finished Chomp, by Carl Hiaasen and thought I might suggest it. It’s a kids’ book and a fast read, so if you can get your hands on it fairly quickly, you’ll have no trouble finishing it in time for a May discussion. The problem is that it was just released, so it could be hard to get your hands on at a library, and it’s only available in hardcover and full price Kindle/audio versions.

What do you think? Anyone up for it, or should we pick something else or maybe even take May off and prepare for June instead?


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  1. That looks cute. I’m still waiting on Christopher Moore’s newest Sacre Blue from the library. It said they were getting it but it came out last Tuesday or so? I happened to hear about it on NPR and saved it. Tried to listen to an audio book of his but it was scratched too bad on the first disk 🙁
    If we can’t all get Chomp we can take May off and just post comments of what we’re reading currently and make suggestions for June. At some point my library will start their Summer Reading Program.
    With the much to do over it we can also do The Hunger Games. I know my hubs has it on his tablet so I can get it. Or nag my friend because she was supposed to bring it for me at work.
    Also I finished one bookmark and I’m starting on Book, Book, Book.

  2. Oh! We can do The Hunger Games. I’ve read that. And I have opinions about it. Surprise, surprise.

    Any other votes for The Hunger Games? For May or June?

    Congrats on the bookmark completion! Is it earmarked for someone or some place in particular? I’m going to start collecting some myself.