Needle and ThREAD

Make-It/Take-It Prep

We’re having our first Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy Bookmark Make-It/Take-It this weekend. I’ve got the Read Ambigram pattern ready to print. It’s 2-sided with stitch diagrams, bookmark-making instructions, and a list of organizations and companies that provided donations of time, services, and products.

Toni at the library has been advertising for us. She wrote an article for the library newsletter, sent press releases to local media, contacted the calendar section of 2 papers, e-mailed all municipal employees, made displays in the 2 libraries where we’ll be holding events, and posted this flyer in strategic locations throughout town.

I wish I were in town to spot the flyers.

My to-do list:
print patterns
assemble the following: ribbon and fiber from stash, spray adhesive, scrap paper, demonstration board, yarn, yarn needle, camera, model release forms (so I can use pics on the blog and web site), thank-you sign for donors, name tags, portfolio, Bookmark Challenge sign.

Can you think of anything I’m forgetting?

This is going to be so much fun!

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