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Make-It/Take-It Models

To help advertise the Make-It/Take-It events at the Anchorage public libraries, guild members, Karen (Arctic Needle owner), and I need to supply some models of the pattern we’ll be using.


Here are two I’ve done. Both use Picture This Plus Cashel Linen and Weeks Dye Works wool. The pink one is Presencia floss with Kreinik braid accents, and the green one is Gentle Art Sampler Threads. I’ve got another one almost finished, and I’ve decided I really like the Kreinik around the edge. That touch of sparkle completes the piece, makes it look more finished. (Links to Picture This Plus and Presencia forthcoming. I can’t seem to get them right now.)

I love this pattern! It’s a symmetrical ambigram, so it’s the same right-side-up and upside-down. See? (Yes, one of those is upside-down. Don’t ask me which. Pick one!)

Aside: Now, shouldn’t it be “right-side-up and wrong-side-up”? Or “right-side-up and right-side-down”? Or “down-side-up and up-side-down”? Take your pick! Any of those would be more consistent and clear, and make more sense than “right-side-up and upside-down.” And then there’s the whole hyphenation thing. “Upside” doesn’t need to be hyphenated, but the rest do.

I rarely do quick-and-easy projects like this. It’s wonderfully satisfying.

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  1. My mother and I used to say down-side-up. I think she got it from her mother. Having only a son, I can’t pass it on to my daughter, but my sister could! (Well, to here daughters and now granddaughter)I’ll have to see if she did. The design is wonderful and actually looks possible in terms of time. It’s playful and intriguing and just plain fun.