Needle and ThREAD


Even if you don’t have a Sony Reader or a Kindle or an iCanDoAnything, you can read digital books. In fact, you can read picture books, cover to cover, complete with the illustrations right here online at Lookybook.

Lookybook is the brainchild of Craig Frazier, an author and illustrator of picture books, among other things. Given the shrinking lifespan of many picture books, Frazier hopes the Web site will help books find readers and stay in print longer.

cradle-rock.jpgCradle Rock, Tasmania, Australia

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m skeptical. If people can read whole books online, aren’t they less likely to buy them? The answer remains to be seen, but one counter-argument is that people can’t buy what they don’t know exists, and Lookybook offers exposure. Is it more effective than Amazon’s editorial and customer reviews and limited peeks between the covers? I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.

In the meantime, Lookybook is a great place to preview picture books before buying or sharing with kids. You can read and post reviews about the books, and you can create your personal bookshelf, storing your favorite titles to read again or share.

It’s April, but we’re needleworkers, and as such, we’re thinking about, planning, and stitching Holiday gifts year-round. Keep holidays and gifts in mind as you explore Lookybook.

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