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Monkey Read, Monkey Do modelOur Stitching for Literacy Monkey Read, Monkey Do model, Autumn, says, “It’s never too early to read to your kids.” Love that look!

As you know, I only recently started our May S4L Book Club Book, The Girls: A Novel. Shelly’s our discussion leader, and it’s her book selection. I also happen to be reading Shelly’s book, and I’m reading it the way Shelly reads; i.e., instead of leaving it up by my bed as I normally would, I carry it around with me and read in the tiniest of spare moments: while the pasta cooks, as I eat breakfast, while email downloads.

Moments ago, I experienced Gayle’s problem of dropping the book and having my bookmark fall out. Hrmph. The up shot is that it’s given me an idea for a new bookmark design—a truly useful one.

Anyhoo, I’ve marked three Lines I Love in The Girls that I thought I’d share today.

p. 6 – Aunt Lovey hated self-pity. “Don’t blame your sister if you don’t become a writer. I don’t know how pistons piss, but I can sure as hell drive a car.”

Yep, it’s the “I don’t know how pistons piss” part that cracked me up.

p. 42 – …we were not allowed near the corn at all after mid-July, which was when it grew so high and dense a child could get lost for days and die from exposure and dehydration. Death by corn.

I laughed out loud at “Death by corn.” I like Rose’s sense of humor.

p. 12 – Aunt Lovey told me way back then to write my story fearlessly, a little how it is, a little how I wish it could be, . . . . “Write,” she said, “as if you’ll never be read. That way you’ll be sure to tell the truth.”

Oh my! Aunt Lovey is talking to me with that. There’s definitely a shyness and fear in me that prevents me from writing some things I really want to write. If you only knew!

I’m really enjoying this book. Discussion is delayed until May 10th, so you’ve still got time to read it and join us—he-he-he…join us!

Oh! And you might like to know that our Monkey Read model pictured here has an identical twin sister. Nice coincidence, no?

Have you come across any Lines You Love recently?

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