Needle and ThREAD

In the News

In the Nordic Needle Stash Newsletter #43, to be precise. “What’s in the news?” you ask. Why, we are! Scroll down to the second part of the newsletter.

Nordic Needle has been an enthusiastic participant in the Bookmark Challenge since day one, and they’re gearing up for another great year.

A girl learns to stitch at the Anchorage Public Library during Stitching for Literacy Day, hosted by Arctic Needle, the Arctic Needleworkers chapter of EGA, and Funk & Weber Designs.

Yanno, I canceled all my Google Alerts when we went out to the Bush a year ago because I wasn’t sure how often I’d be online, and I didn’t want my e-mail flooded. I never turned them back on. I only happened to discover the Nordic Needle mention because I subscribe to the newsletter. I wonder where else we might be mentioned? Hmm. Maybe I should turn the Alerts back on.

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  1. At the very least, she has experienced it. She knows she can do it, and she can return to it any time. Who knows where it might lead?