I Won Books!

I love blog contests. Kidlit bloggers are generous with books.

Not too long ago, literary agent, Kate Schafer (kt literary), held a contest on her blog, which is technically her news page, but it is updated like a blog and has an RSS feed, so I think of it as a blog. She was going to NY to meet with editors, and she invited readers to submit questions that we wanted her to ask those editors. Readers then voted on which question Kate asked.

I won!

My question was about how editors perceive the online presence of a potential author, what’s good, what’s bad. Can’t imagine why I asked that. Sorry, I can’t link to the question because I don’t know how to travel back in time over there. That translates into “don’t get behind on your reading.”


Not only did I get the answer to my question almost-straight from editors, but I got a copy of Let It Snow! by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.

the-unnameables.jpgNew books are a big deal in my world, especially in winter. The reason why is a whole ‘nother post; some of you can guess why, though.

When the envelope from Kate arrived, I could tell there was more in it than Let It Snow! The uphill walk home was never so easy or fast.

band-geek-love.jpgKate threw in an Advance Reader Copy of The Unnameables, by Ellen Booraem and a copy of Band Geek Love, by josie bloss.

I had planned to save all three for Remote Reading in Jan/Feb, but I took one little peek inside Let It Snow!, and by the time I stopped peeking at chapter six, it seemed silly to stop and put it away for a month.

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  1. Oh how many times has a little peak ended chapters later, or indeed with a closed, fully-read book. Many Saturdays of my childhood and adolescence ended that way…

  2. I can’t imagine anyone who would be more appreciative of the prize- and it was a darn good question! Congrats! You took me back to my early reading days (all right, to some more recent ones, too) of “just a page- chapter- I have to find out what happens- oh, the book’s done?”