Needle and ThREAD

I Was Hacked!

Or something. Well, not me, exactly, but this blog.

Yesterday, friend and faithful reader, Becca, informed me that for 2 or 3 days she’d been receiving a virus warning when logging into this blog. Since she’d waited that long, the chances of it being a hiccup in the system seemed slim.

I logged out and back in as a guest and didn’t get the message.

I deleted all spam comments.

Nope. Becca still got the virus warning.

I asked a web-savvy friend, Beck, to see if she got such a message. She didn’t. On Firefox. But then she had the wherewithal (unlike a certain blog owner I know) to try logging in via Internet Explorer, and–bingo!–she got the warning. Note to self: every now and then, check the blog with IE.

Beck’s virus software listed the offending file. I Googled the file name and found a discussion about it on the WordPress Forum. Something like a miracle occurred then, and I was able to find the offending code and remove it fairly quickly.

Someone hacked into my blog and added code to four of my posts. Excuse me? Was that fun for you, Hacker? Do you think I’m some sort of Internet Whiz and “beating me” is an accomplishment? Get real! It’s more like beating a toddler at a foot race. Woo-hoo for you. I guess you showed me.


Yep, that’s a croc.

Dear Hacker,

May someone cross stitch your fingers together so that you can no longer type.

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