We’re home!

Being the change-detector that I am (nod to Becca), I am noticing how clear the air is in Alaska compared to the east coast where humidity often creates a haze. I won’t say one is better than the other; they’re just different. The haze can sometimes create a dreamy “soft focus” feeling, and isn’t it the fog and haze that gave the name to the Smoky Mountains? Here at home the view is bright and sharp, fresh and invigorating. It gives me energy, whereas the humid haze lulls me.

It’s so beautiful here! I enjoyed my travels, accomplished much, and now feel happy to be home again.

We’ve set a couple of home-improvement projects in motion already. I love growing food. Like learning to wire the house, it feeds my drive to be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, the garden site is still not ready. There is more dirt to be moved on the property and the garden is smack in the middle of that dirt-moving path. That didn’t stop us from buying all sorts of plants and seeds, though. Nope. And the very day we got home, I dragged Mike out and we planted lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, etc. in every container, bucket, and jug we could find. I threatened to plant everything in the canoe. That’s what convinced Mike to help. I still think it’s a good idea: a totally movable garden! Heck, we could tie it to the top of the car and take it wherever we go this summer. But Mike plans to use the canoe to go canoeing. That’ll be fun, too.

Today I met with a neighbor who will bring equipment on Monday to move some of our dirt and bring in a truckload of topsoil. Exciting! It won’t be the end of the dirt work, but it will be the end of these particular piles.

Other home projects for the summer include a deck, a side roof, and Roman shades. Ah, it’s great to be back!

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  1. Hey! Will you help me make some Roman shades too? I have ideas, but no real concrete plans on how to go about it.