Holiday Mosaic-Part 4

We had a glue crisis for a while–meaning we didn’t have any–so the project was delayed for about a week. You think twice before “running out for glue” when the glue is 100 miles away. I believed my holiday project was destined to be a summer project, and began to think about sewing shades (still have four of those to do), but then Mike had a contact cement crisis–meaning two gallons of bad stuff–that had to be dealt with, so he handled both crises at once, plus several other chores into the bargain.

And so the process has begun.



Shelly guessed it! Now you know why we’re friends–she plays games with me!

It is indeed a mountain-glacier-forest-river scene under the sunburst. I claim it’s a mirror, reflecting our view. Mike says it’s camouflage so no one can see our house.

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  1. Gosh. That’s funny. I know Jen and Mike live around here somewhere. But all I see are more mountains, trees and glacier. Weird. I feel so “Clueless in Alaska.” heh heh

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