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Hold the Ketchup…or Catch-Up

I’ve been picking up and putting down the blog reigns for several days now.

I took big blog plans with me to the TNNA Fall Needlecraft Market last weekend (and earlier this week), but apparently the airlines lost that bag. My camera went along to St. Louis, but solely for R & R; it did not a shred of work. That’s right, not one blurry picture.

A couple of days ago, I started to relate the trade show experience, and you would have thought it was some sort of graduate dissertation. Total snoozer. Not at all representative of the activity of a show. I pitched it and went to bed.

If you want to know about the show, visit Inside Number Twenty. Monique has several posts on the show (you’ll have to scroll), complete with pictures.

In my defense–or is this offense?–Monique was not exhibiting. She was free to roam about, look, touch, drool. I never left my room. (It didn’t cross my mind to have Monique tend my room for a bit. Du-uh.) I will say it was a good show, though I’m not a fan of the hotel venue. I prefer convention center shows where I can see my neighbors and they can more easily watch my booth when I want or need to be elsewhere.

So, I give up on catching up; I’m just going to pick up from here. That’s right, I’m diving in.


Ah, it feels good!

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  1. No, it’s not. I needed to “dive back in” and the picture helped.

    I think the rock kick is over, anyway. I had a few more, but they’ll come in handy at other times, I’m sure.