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Heigh-ho NaNo

NaNoWriMo 2011 Word Count TallyThis is my daily word count record. I can’t help it; I look at that, and I think boooooring. There’s something very dull about the just-over-par steady-eddie pace. Part of me wants to fall way behind and then make a heroic comeback. That seems so exciting. But I really hate the stress and panic of being behind—more so in things with substantial consequences, but even in this, I wouldn’t like to be way behind.

Truth be told, though, I don’t think the excitement of making up 20,000 words in two days would be all that fun, whereas I find forcing out 2,000 words every morning very fun. I may be boring, but I’m having a heap of fun being boring. So there.

Day 12: Jen’s Stats

NaNoWriMo Stats, Day 12, Jen

Day 12: Harriet’s Stats

NaNoWriMo, Day 12 stats, Harriet

Harriet’s stats are anything but boring. She’s like a NaNo Olympic star on her way to eight gold medals.

Check out her comment on the last blog post. She’s not only writing her story, she’s acting it out in airports across Europe.

Ziggy, if you make me a NaNo Buddy (I’m shmooo—three Os), I’ll post your stats here.

Ziggy’s our come-from-behind NaNo Hero candidate. She’s writing only on weekends. Yowzer! Talk about a nail-biter. You can read her strategy in the comments on the last post.

I’d ask her to tell us about Word Sprints, but I can’t bear to steal any of her writing time or words. She needs them. Maybe in December. A couple of years ago, I tried participating in some Word Wars in an AOL regional group, but I found that very distracting, and possibly slower than plugging along on my own. It’s hard to believe I wasn’t into into a game or competition, but so it was. I may have another go if I can connect with Ziggy or Harriet out there somewhere.

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  1. I did some word sprints last year, but didn’t find them too useful. Others I talked to loved them- so I think it’s an individual thing. I’m smiling at myself. I just corrected typos, spacing and spelling in one sentence! My intenal editor is turned on in full force and I am so not in NaNo mode! I envy you all.
    I can’t believe how ferociously Harriet is writng. I want to read it, Harriet. Seriously, I love medieval. Writing only on weekend, Ziggy? That is amazing! Jen has got her groove back and will proceed with flying colors. Hats off to you all. I’m im your cheering section!