Category: Gardening

And So It Begins…Again

Leaves popping out on aspen trees

The aspens popped yesterday. One day’s growth is pretty spectacular. For the next three months, nature and the season are on fast forward. I’ve begun walking through the aspen grove in search […]

My Great Pumpkin

Pumpkin vine

Since I’m not decorating my home for Halloween, I’ll decorate my blog. I did, after all, make the effort to grow a Great Pumpkin. This was my first attempt at pumpkins. It […]

Cucumber News

Bok Choi flowering

There will be no cucumbers. Those starts died shortly after being transplanted out into the garden. They’ve never done well—we still need and don’t yet have a greenhouse—but I usually try anyway. […]

Blue Food

Blue cabbage with broccoli and snow peas

If you ask me, there isn’t enough blue food. That’s a line from the Bridget Jones’s Diary movie. I agree: there isn’t enough blue food, especially if you discount fake-blue raspberry products, […]