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Funk & Weber Designs New Puzzle Pattern Contest

Some readers have been asking for details, and I have finally made some up. Ta-da!

The Funk & Weber Designs New Puzzle Pattern Contest will take place August 1-5, 2008, right here on the Needle and Thread blog. And a few other places.


There will be two ways to win and at least two prizes. One branch of the contest will be a straightforward scavenger hunt where participants will need to collect five specific words. The other branch of the contest will require puzzling. Flap your arms like a chicken if you’re surprised to hear that.

The scavenger hunt winner will receive a copy of the pattern.

The puzzle winner will receive the Grand Prize, a complete kit for the design.

If we have some good efforts, I may give away some more patterns.

And before you ask, yes, you may participate in both branches. In fact, I recommend it because they are subtly related and that might be useful to the puzzle solvers. And that, my friends, is a hint for regular readers.

Okay. You can stop flapping now. Yeah, you…in the tan shirt. You’re the only one flapping.

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