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Funk & Weber Bookmarks 101 class . . .

. . . is About So Much More Than Bookmarks!

We, Funk & Weber Designs, are offering our Bookmarks 101: Simple, Smart, and Swanky Finishes class May 9 – June 5.

Stitching for Literacy, Funk & Weber Bookmarks 101 online class

I developed this class to teach stitchers to make bookmarks from scratch so we can use all kinds of materials, fabric scraps, UFOs . . . pretty much anything. This satisfies my strong desire to waste not. Bits of fabric and fiber we might throw away can be used to craft beautiful and useful embroidered objects.

And not just bookmarks. These pieces that we make into bookmarks might also be gift tags, bag tags, key fobs, zipper pulls, pins, and all sorts of other things. The stitching, sewing, and wirework techniques we learn can be used to finish larger pieces you might otherwise frame or simply not know what to do with.

I just posted details on how Funk & Weber Designs online classes work. There are many ways and formats to host online classes. Ours is super-simple, so don’t worry if you’ve never taken one before. Besides, it’s a class—it’s about learning! And I’m there to help.

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  1. well, I have to say something about the “Bookmark 101” class:
    * TO me it turned into a complete universe of undiscovered treasures: The teaching material inspired me tremendously; It generated a lot of new ideas of tiny and big project using the techniques and solutions we worked on. I had to draw everything in a sketch book, so the flow of new ideas could come on rolling in without loosing any of them.
    * By using the lessons I find it easy to make tiny and “quick” projects that are 1)usable/wearable 2) easy to bring around and work on everywhere! 3) popular gifts
    * It is a fun and playful class: I liked to see new ways to combine different kind of materials and use very different techniques. Absolutely great!
    * I am looking forward to the next class/next level that I hope that Jen will make and host for us 😉
    * The class and the projects made me so very happy!
    Best regards

  2. Oh my. Thanks, Harriet! This is perhaps the best testimonial ever. I’m so glad you found the class fun and helpful.

    I am working on a new class now, but, as you know, I’m slow. This is a great nudge, though. Thanks!