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Free Cross Stitch Pattern: American Flag Illusion

Did you see this free cross stitch pattern on the Funk & Weber Designs site?

Funk & Weber Designs free cross stitch pattern - American Flag Illusion

That is an afterimage illusion of the American flag. If you stare at this image long enough then look at a plain white surface, you’ll “see” a red, white, and blue flag. It works–ask Bev.

It’s small and easily transportable (good for outdoor stitching), it’s seasonally appropriate (Flag Day- and Fourth of July-related), and it makes a great bookmark. Although, technically, if you want it to hang vertically as a bookmark, according to flag etiquette, you should stitch a mirror image of the given pattern. When a flag hangs vertically in a window, viewers from outside should see the stars in the upper left corner. It’s an easy enough pattern that I’m going to let you figure out the mirror image. You can do it!

I’m out for a bit. I’ll see you back here next week.

Happy stitching!

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