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Heya, friends.

I’m moving my website to a new host, and just like moving in real life, it’s a bit overwhelming and . . . well . . . messy. I’ve been here a looooong time—since 2006!—and I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff.

Sea otter

Doh! I’m so confused!

If you are getting this blog post or a notification of it via email, and you want to continue getting such emails, you need to resubscribe with a new system. I’m going to try to make it super simple for you (and for me, for that matter), but I don’t really know what I’m doing, so . . . let’s see if this works.

Do you see a form below? Fill it out and click “subscribe”!

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You will now receive a confirmation email, and you have to click the button in that email to finalize your subscription. I think the button says “Confirm Follow.” Whatever it says, click it.

Please do this now because after hemming and hawing and whining and dragging my feet and hiding under the bed for a month, I have finally screwed up my courage and will make the move soon, before I get scared again.

sea otter face

I think that’s it.

That should keep you subscribed to the blog via email after I move it.

If you don’t see a form, or if I just don’t have this right at all, rest assured I’m still here, temporarily untethered in the Web perhaps, but here. Give it a week or so and type JenFunkWeber into a search engine, and you’ll find me. The site will look different—but still with this awesome screaming-bright wallpaper because I’ve got priorities. I’m not really going anywhere; this is a virtual move only. And, yes, not especially good timing, as I’m in the middle of posting our latest Africa adventure.

I know.

Actually, maybe that’s a good ploy to keep subscribers. Maybe I’m brilliant!

Seriously, you won’t believe what happens next in Africa. It’s another first, and it’s in my Top 10 experiences for the trip. Actually, as I look at the text (gotta do pics and video, see), the next day has not one but TWO events that make my Top 10, numbers 3 and 5 in that list. It’s a good one! Stay tuned.

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