Looking for info on the upcoming New Puzzle Pattern Contest? Look here, or simply scroll through previous posts. Detailed instructions will be posted August 1.

One evening recently, we tried fishing instead of shrimping. In theory, we’re fishing for halibut, which most of us have never done. In this attempt, we wound up catching…


…pacific cod. We caught four and kept one to see if they’re good to eat.

Another team caught what they thought was a black cod, or sablefish.


So we did a taste test last night. Pacific cod on the left (more white), black cod on the right (more pink).

We also had…


…shrimp, which were picked up by the black cod team. That amounted to about two shrimp per person, and I assure you, they were savored.

The shrimp pots were reset after the first catch, and after dinner, Mike, Ryan, and I went to check them.

After much pulling and pulling and pulling…


…we hauled in an eel (And by “we” I mean “Mike and Ryan.” I took a few pulls, but it’s hard!)…


…and some more shrimp.

We have only two pots at the moment. We can have up to five. I think we need three more.

Today is the last day of this 10-day work stint. Time to go home. What do you say to a having a puzzle contest to reveal, once and for all, the new Funk & Weber Designs puzzle pattern?

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  1. Got a chance to catch up on the Blog – — how exciting, especially for Ryan. From his smile I can tell the experience is awesome for him…wondering tho – do the bears like the trumpet music?

  2. Hard work, Becca? No way! That’s just good fun.

    I keep telling Ryan, “Having fun is hard work.”

    There’s something about catching the shrimp and fish ourselves that is very fun. Like gardening, it’s fulfilling to provide food for oneself.

  3. I have to i appreciate you for the attempts you get in writing this posting. It has been an encouragement to me. I have passed this through to a friend. thankyou