First Salad Harvest of 2012

This image has been sitting in my camera for three days (along with a month’s worth of as-yet-unpublished-blog-images), but it’s the first salad harvest of the 2012 season: spinach, arugula thinnings (hooray for a dedicated arugula patch!), mixed-lettuce thinnings, parsley, and chives.

just-harvested salad greens

We don’t buy greens—ever—so we only have green salads during summer and early fall. The rest of the year, it’s cooked greens: chard, beet greens, collards, kale, spinach.

We have much of what we need to build a greenhouse (except the time), and then I should be able to push the season on both ends for a longer salad harvest. We’re hoping to get the greenhouse up this fall. Fingers crossed!

Not that I mind cooked greens. But, boy, I’m loving my salads just now!

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  1. yummy. Steve started a garden on the porch. We had tiny strawberries. I don’t think the Brussell Sprouts came back from the cabbage worms and the 2nd batch of asparagus has seemed to grow but not make asparagus :p He’s got some herbs out there too and a cantaloupe and watermelon seem to be doing ok.