Feels Like Spring???

When we left for the open house at Arctic Needle on Saturday, it was 18-below. Clear, clear, clear and oh-so-beautiful, but brrr! The temp did get above zero in the afternoon, but not much.

Lots of moose along the way. The cold doesn’t seem to bother them; their bodies are furnaces. I wonder why ours aren’t more effective as furnaces.

I’m starting to notice the extended daylight, especially in the evening. For me, sunlight defines spring, not temperature, and it’s beginning to feel like spring. March is my favorite weather month in Alaska, and it’s been March-like for most of February: clear and sunny. Sunglasses, sunscreen–parka, long johns, and many layers between. The green that used to define spring for me is still several months away. I’m glad. I’m not ready to give up winter just yet.

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  1. The pair of nesting hawks that inhabit some incredible rocks I pass on the way to work have been conspicuous by their scarcity recently. I think she’s sitting on eggs. That’s my assurance that spring is on the way. The Navajo word for the month of March means First Cry of Eaglets which is a beautiful way of tracking the passage of time. I’m ready to let go, being very tired of mud. But I think I understand the reluctance to give up the cocooning winter of the far north. It must be wonderful.

  2. Cocooning…yes, that’s it.

    We’re smack-dab in the middle of a hawk migration route. Bird watchers flock 🙂 here in April for a gander 🙂 at the returning raptors. Yep, it’s late and I’m loopy. We won’t have eaglets until May.

    I’m terrible at IDing raptors. The bald eagles and harriers are the only ones I identify with confidence. Living here, however, I hope that will change.

    I’m glad your mud is drying. We’ll have that in May, too. Breakup’s not the best, but that’s when the birds and buds are doing their things, so they keep my vision and attention up out of the mud.

  3. The weather is distinctly schizophrenic at the moment! Lovely warm days last week, now incredible wind (a predictable March event) combined with cold and more snow moving in. Snow we can deal with, but it doesn’t last long and the dirt roads become mud bogs.
    I saw daddy hawk (I’m no expert either, but I think they are red tails) today. Also saw a pair of newborn kids (of the goat variety) that a faminly had in their car while they went to the store so they would stay warm. Too early, but so adorable. I’m only sure of bald eagles if they are mature, otherwise I’m not sure if they are goldens or immature balds. Glorious either way.