February Stitchers’ Voice is Up

The Stitchers’ Voice is the e-zine produced in The Stitchers’ Village. It comes out monthly and contains news about events, classes, patterns, shops, designers, and sundry stitchy things. There’s usually a contest or two, sometimes a pattern, and always a heap of fun. And, oh yeah, it often contains something from me.

The February issue is now available in the news office. That’s the red-roofed building. When you hover your mouse over a building, a title pops up to let you know what’s in that building. Click on the building to enter.

I could provide a shortcut link directly into the office, but I think it’s more fun to stroll through the Village on your own to get there because the buildings are often decorated seasonally.

After you’ve picked up your copy of The Stitchers’ Voice, head over to the Tea Shoppe and share your own news. I’ll meet you there for a cuppa!