Extreme Reader

Welcome to our first Extreme Reader / Extreme Stitcher post where we’ll profile people willing to go to great lengths to read and/or stitch.

Meet Extreme Reader Jen Robinson. Take a look at her blog, and you’ll quickly see just how extreme she is. She is a prolific reader and writer, reviewing loads of kids’ books. I have a Jen Robinson folder on my computer where I keep titles of books I want to read based on her reviews.

I didn’t become a reader until after college. Jen has been an Extreme Reader forever.

When I was a kid I liked to read everywhere, but especially outdoors. One time, while on vacation in New Hampshire, I managed to tote my book out to a raft in the lake. I don’t remember how long I lay there, reading, but I clearly remember swimming back to shore, with one hand held up high above the water, to keep my book dry.

Do you have an Extreme Reader or Extreme Stitcher story? We’d love to hear it! Send it to mail [AT] funkandweber [DOT] com. (Our email address is in the sidebar, you know!)

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Jen. It’s an honor to be your first Extreme Reader (and to be able to help you with book suggestions, too). I look forward to future installments to the series!