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Edited to fix the link. Thanks for the heads up.

Our friend, Becca, works in public education. She called my attention to an important blog post, and I’d like to point all of you to it.

I tend to flounder about wondering how best to steer the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program. I don’t have time—no one has time—and I often don’t know how, exactly, to execute my ideas. I just . . . try. But these things I know:

  • literacy and education are vitally important
  • libraries, schools, teachers, and kids are important
  • we all learn differently, and it’s important to expose kids to many ways of learning and many things to learn—including embroidery
  • I care

And so I will keep trying.

Stitching for Literacy, reading babiesWhen it comes to reading, there’s no such thing as starting too early.

I wonder in what other ways we might support teachers, kids, literacy, and education. School visits to teach embroidery to kids? Might I do virtual visits from here? After school programs, teaching kids to stitch? Maybe it’s time to talk to more teachers and librarians to see how we can help them. What do you think?

Please read this blog post by Peg with Pen titled, Child Abuse In Corporate Education Reform: I Cannot Feed You, But I Will Test You. I’m with Peg on this. Now what can I do to help? Will you join me?

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  1. Well, ehe,I have to confess: This picture reminded me of my project last week:

    I have made “baby-marks” in stead of bookmarks:
    It is a charity campaign going on to give the “too early born babies” and the “at time born babies that are ill” some clothing and blankets to keep them warm.
    I made 3 wool fleece blankets with cut out ornament stitched on:
    turquoise with a hippocampus (a sea horse),
    green with a duck
    and pink with two hearts,
    and all is stitched round the edges with matching wool thread -guess- with a blanket stitch.

    I am planning to stitch 4 bookmarks to the ladies in my Qi Gong group, but they are grown ups, does this gift count??? I am sorry I cannot participate in your campaign, but I always talk about reading and stitching to inspire others as well as I can!
    Best regards and keep up the good work 😉

  2. I couldn’t pull it up either. I heard from people to read to your children while they are still in the womb. I did all the time.

  3. Thanks, Shell and Mo, the link should be fixed now. No idea what was wrong the first time.

    @Harriet – You ARE participating in the campaign! This is international: you can stitch and donate bookmarks there, and they count toward our total. Several groups in the US donate to adult literacy programs, and I’m flexible enough to say your gift bookmarks count, too. Send pictures–of everything.

    How are you doing on your Creative Holiday Gifts? I’m lame–that is, I’m doing very poorly! I’m going to move that topic over to the Funk & Weber World blog, okay?

    “too early born babies” – we say, “premature babies” or shorten it to “preemies.”

    @Maureen – I’ve heard the same thing: read aloud to unborn babies. Good for you!

  4. 🙂 thank you. It is ok to move the topic about the Creative Calandar
    to a place you prefere, I will find it 🙂