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Dena’s Bookmark Collection

dena1.jpgMeet Dena from Kreinik Mfg. Co., Inc., makers of great glittery metallic fibers that come on the coolest spools in the industry. Honestly, my Kreinik fibers are the only ones that stay neat, tidy, and organized. Kreinik also makes wonderful silk fibers, iron-on fibers, and tons of other fun craft items. This is from Dena:

I collect bookmarks. I can’t help it. For starters, the bookstores position the bookmark displays right next to the checkout line, so I see the inspirational quotes, cute cat pictures, terrific tassels, shiny metal or pretty paper designs looking back at me as I wait in line. Inevitably, I pick up one on each trip to the bookstore.

However, I will also keep every paper bookmark I’ve received at a wedding, and every free advertisement-bookmark sitting by a checkout register. When I travel, I usually pick up a bookmark featuring a photo from that area, a scene or landmark that I especially want to remember.

As I side note: I DO use my bookmark collection. When it’s time to start a new book, I go to my bookmark basket and pick out a different one that will share a certain amount of time with me, as we both make our way through the book. Quite often I choose the bookmark that coordinates thematically or mood-wise with the book I’m reading. (Ok, I am a nerd. I was an English major.)

My absolute favorite bookmarks, however, are limited to two:
1. A beautiful tatted bookmark, created by my grandmother over 20 years ago, when she was alive, hugable, and teaching me about crafts.
2. A cross-stitch bookmark made by a friend about 10 years ago and given as a Christmas gift to me. It has my name stitched right into the verse.


These two bookmarks, so lovingly made by hand, connect me to something so much deeper than paper, than books, than every day life. They connect me to people – those wonderful loved ones – and to myself, as they are tangible reminders of where I’ve come from and the relationships I’ve had.

We can have a “relationship” or connection to a book, but a connection to a hand-stitched bookmark somehow feels deeper to me. Touch the stitches; they’re tactile experiences to delight the fingers and the eyes. Think about the person who made it; someone took the time to care. And in our day and time of No One Seems To Have Enough Time, that “care” is even more meaningful.

Hmm, I think I’ll revisit my memory lane, looking through my bookmark basket again, flipping through the paper ones, laminated ones, metal ones, and magnetized ones…right to the soft ones made with needle and thread.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I really enjoyed reading Dena’s post. I’ve never thought about bookmarks in this way until now.

    I have a gifted bookmark in my current reading adventure, and each time I see it, or move it, I am reminded of the story behind my bookmark, and the friend who thoughtfully gave it to me.

    Just lovely. Dena – thank you!


  2. I’m not going to say this well because it’s not a fully formed thought yet, but I have this desire to give significance and meaning (that’s probably overstating it) to even the most mundane things in my everyday life.

    I like to use paperclips I’ve made rather than the normal silver, find-them-on-the-ground paperclips. I use pens with needlework shop names on them when I go to trade shows. I make my own slippers and socks.

    Of course I prefer a bookmark with some sort of story or meaning behind it.

    I have some good bookmarks. I need to do with mine what Dena does with hers.

    Thanks, Dena!