Cyclone Yazi

I was going to do something light and frothy today for my blog entry.

But instead I am compelled to write about the very nasty cyclone  heading towards North Queensland, which is due to hit the coast late this evening or early tomorrow morning (Australia time).

Queenslanders are getting quite a battering (and this might be the understatement of all times by the time Yazi hits tomorrow) at the moment. First floods, now this.

Cyclone Yazi is being compared to Cyclone Tracy which hit Darwin in the Northern Territory at Christmas, 1974.

Except the Bureau of Meterology is predicting that it’s going to be a whole lot worse!

The pic above was taken by an unknown photographer in the week after Cyclone Tracy hit. I remember vividly, watching the TV footage of the devastation over the Christmas holidays that year.

I’m not big into doom and gloom, and I truly believe that every cloud has a silver lining. So I’m not here to make you feel miserable or helpless. But I am here to ask that as you read this post you send  love, good thoughts and prayers to the people in the path of the cyclone.

Who knows, if we all try hard enough we might be able to get the darn thing downgraded a notch or two before it hits!

I promise a fun post next Wednesday …

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  1. Definitely wishing one and all godspeed.

    It’s interesting and fun to learn things about different places and their ways. When I hear the word “cyclone” I automatically think tornado. But as I read along, I realized you were speaking about what we call hurricanes. At first I thought it odd that Aussies named tornadoes and that you knew that it would touch down. But of course you weren’t saying that at all.

    Looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. Ice and snow in the US, floods and hurricanes in Australia. Such weather.

    I hope the advance warning helps people stay safe.

  3. Hi Shelly and Jen

    So far so good – Cyclone Yasi has certainly caused a lot of damage, but no-one got killed which is a great thing.

    Crops are decimated, rain forest trees are now naked and shivering, and lots of houses flattened, but everyone seems to be in reasonable spirits. Perhaps they are all in shock – I know I would be – now we all just have to keep our fingers crossed that all of the additional rain that this cyclone will bring won’t bring on more flooding.

    As I was watching the news last night there was an item about the awful storms across the US – my goodness, what have we all done to make the weather gods SO angry!