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Creative Gifts – Day #22

Necklace pendant blankThis is a necklace pendant blank. Several years ago I couldn’t find these anywhere, but now I’m seeing them everywhere. Of course, now I don’t want to buy them; I want to make them myself, but that’s another matter. It’s a perfect little holder for some embroidery, no?

So idea #22 is an embroidered necklace pendant. The metal blank is nice because it gives the pendant weight, allowing it to hang nicely.

Funk & Weber Designs, necklace pendantHowever, when I couldn’t find blanks, I did without. If you want, you can try this one. I added beads to the necklace chain to give it weight, but adding beads to the embroidery is another option.

This is such a quick project, you could have one whipped up and under the tree by Saturday if you really wanted. Honest.

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