Creative Gifts – Day #20

eautiful! Susan’s done another stocking. The next Creative Gift idea–a two-parter that begins today and ends tomorrow–can actually go inside a stocking, making this a nice illustration for today’s post. Thanks, Susan!

Heads up, friends–stitchers, readers, everyone–this is a creative gift idea you can really do this year, and I really, really, really hope you will.

Charity donations, gift certificates/cards, and coupons. I know it doesn’t sound especially creative, and it’s certainly not a new idea, but I’m serious.

Some people have all they want and need and more. They don’t want anything. Make a donation to charity in their names. Choose a charity that supports their interests and experiences.

Hand-embroidered holiday stocking

Do you feel lame giving gift certificates? Well, how do you feel receiving them? Most people I know like getting them. I don’t think I’d want it to become routine, but sometimes it’s a real treat. And a gift certificate to your favorite needlework shop can be the beginning of a very long and fulfilling stitching addiction for a friend.

Remember when we used to give our parents a coupon good for “one room-cleaning without complaint” or “an extra night of dish-washing provided with a smile”? Well, I think we should offer kids, friends, and relatives coupons for reading time together, trips to the library, shared craft time, and embroidery lessons. Giving your time is a wonderful gift: it tells the person, “I like you and want to spend time with you,” and specifying an activity guarantees a quality shared experience.

Now, I said this was a two-part gift idea; this is just part one. We’re going to make these gifts even better tomorrow, in part two. See you then!

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