Changes Afoot

Yesterday, Sandra encouraged me to post more on Life In Alaska. (Thanks, Sandra!) According to comments and stats, Sandra’s not the only one to like Alaska-themed posts. Hey, I love Alaska and think it’s wildly interesting. (That one’s for you, Becca. Well, and me. And anyone else who wants it because Becca and I are willing to share.)

I have, however, wondered if I’m doing Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy a disservice by keeping it mixed with a generally-Jen blog. I don’t want Stitching for Literacy to be about me; I want it to be bigger than me. I want it to have a life of its own. I want it to be about all of you, not just me.

To that end, I purchased the url a year or more ago (yeah, that made a difference, didn’t it?) with the intention of separating Stitching for Literacy from JenFunkWeber dot com. The threat to separate is no longer idle; it’s washing windows and mopping the floor as we speak.

I may be slow, but change is coming. Pardon the mess.

This fall, Stitching for Literacy will be its own web entity and this blog, I hope, will reflect that–needlework, bookmarks, reading, writing, literacy. The generally-Jen stuff will be moved to a Funk & Weber World blog on a new and, I hope, vastly improved Funk & Weber website.

Excited? I am. It’s going to be fun…and a heap of work and a bit of a mess.

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