Challenge? Did Someone Say “Challenge”?

Yes, indeedy! MotherReader is hosting the third annual 48 Hour Book Challenge this weekend. (Not to be confused with the Bookmark Challenge.) MotherReader is–say it with me–one of the blogs I read regularly. Do you get the idea I read a lot of blogs?

What is the 48 Hour Book Challenge? You mean, besides a heap of fun and an excuse to spend two days reading, reading, and reading some more? Well, it’s that and a chance to mingle with other bookish folks on your blog and/or their blogs, and a chance to win prizes for reading, reading, and reading some more. Read…win prizes. Hmm. As if an excuse to read for 48 hours isn’t prize enough.

Rules and sign-up to participate are here. Note on that list which blogs will be posting reviews. If you don’t have your own blog, you can hang out with them; although you may need a blog to be eligible for prizes. I’ll let someone else take that up with MotherReader.

Unfortunately, I can’t participate as a reader/blogger, but you know I can’t resist a Challenge, so I’ve offered to provide a prize. Depending on someone else’s schedule, I may be able to pull off 24-36 hours on Sunday/Monday, but that’s the best I could do, and it’s possible that won’t even be possible.

First, there was/is the TNNA NeedleArts Market this weekend. When I first learned the dates of this year’s 48 Hour Book Challenge, I expected to be in Columbus at the trade show, but then that plan changed. Second, there was/is a two-day needlework class with my embroidery guild, Arctic Needleworkers, and that is what I will be doing on Friday and Saturday.

Which brings me to this: If one of you wants to participate in the Book Challenge, but you don’t have a blog to post reviews, maybe you can borrow this one. I bet we could figure out how to make you a guest blogger here.

So how’s that for a Challenge?!

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