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Yeah, I know. I’m the girl who cried wolf. I’ve been talking about changes and new websites for who-knows-how-long now. But for the record, every now and then, once in a while, here and there I’ve done more than talk: I’ve actually worked on those changes. For instance,

New Funk & Weber Designs logowe have a new Funk & Weber Designs logo.

True, it’s not on the Funk & Weber site yet–it will go up with the new website–but it’s ready to go.

I love it, and I loved the process of designing it even more. I worked with Lindsay from Purr Design. She’s got skills and resources I don’t have, and a whole different perspective. You know how I love marrying different perspectives. Well, the marriage of ideas for this logo was an affair I’ll remember fondly. Heaps of fun!

I’ll tell you all about the design development in a post on the new Funk & Weber World blog…when it goes up. Which will be soon. No, really, it will. Change is coming. Honest. And it will be good.

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  1. Congrats! The new logo looks great and I look forward to seeing the new website. Good job to you and Lindsay!