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Funk & Weber, basket with embroidered bandTime to face the change…and embrace it!

Along with giving this blog a facelift, I plan to monetize it; that is, I will implement some revenue-generating programs in an effort to have this blog sustain itself. As we wait for the facelift, I’m moving forward where I can.

Ta-da! See it? Hmm.

See how our S4L Book Club titles in the sidebar are links? Well, those are links to those books on I am now an Amazon Associate or affiliate. When you click those links, accessing Amazon from this site, and you buy something–it might be that book or a different book or a toilet seat, almost anything at all–I get a commission.

You know how literary agents, real estate agents, and travel agents get a percentage of sales? Well, I guess I’m a web agent now. Cool, huh?

I plan to become an affiliate of Powells, maybe Barnes & Noble, and–and–I plan to become an affiliate of what I call The Teaching Company but which seems to prefer to be called The Great Courses. I love this company!

Mike and I recently finished watching an old astronomy video course. It was a warm-up for our current course: Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution. That is not an affiliate link. I’ve only done Amazon so far. It’s not easy, this course, but we’re having a lot of fun. It’s science without the math, and I think I need some math.

You know what I do when I watch/listen to courses? I stitch.

I note having affiliate links on the site on the About page now. I’m hoping the new layout will allow me to put them all in an area so they’re easily identified, but that remains to be seen. I have no intention of advertising anything I don’t personally care for, unless it’s a book. In that case, since my tastes are not universal–some of you actually like brussels sprouts–I may let some books slide.

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  1. Yeah on changes I hope they go smoothly.

    Cool with the Amazon links! I just checked out last months book from the library but I all ready have April’s book so I can’t wait to read along!

  2. I have calculated the curves of time and some things relative to others ( a lot of Einsteins E=mc2 (the light version of the equation) ) when I took Physics and Maths at the university – in an other lifetime it seams to me… Some think the math is the easy part, and some think the philosophy/theories are the hard game… So, good luck on that subject, Jen!

    I like the Affiliate aspect. I still think that I will use the library as much as I can…

    I look forward to the S4L Book Club Forum, a new play ground for words and discussions 😉

  3. Might I suggest that, in certain blog posts, say when you’re announcing a new month’s book club selection that you include your nifty amazon/other affiliate link in the blog text as well? I tend to read the blog in a reader, so don’t always see the sidebar links.

  4. @Ziggy – don’t hesitate to join the conversation; we’d love to hear what you think.

    @Harriet – by all means, support local libraries. We love our libraries!

    @Kat – Thanks! I’ll definitely do that.

    @Becca – Hi. I just didn’t want you to feel left out. 🙂