Carrots, Cranberries, and Contemplation

To answer some questions from the last post…

  • Yes, those are all really carrots.
  • Yes, I grew them.
  • The seeds are all from the same packet.
  • I got the seeds at Bell’s Nursery in Anchorage. They don’t seem to have a website.


Fall colors are at their peak, and we’ve had insanely gorgeous weather for the past two days. After a cold, wet, and gray summer, I’m spending every minute I can out in the sun and fragrant fall air.

I picked more than a gallon of cranberries both yesterday and today. These are much harder to find in quantity than blueberries, but that’s part of the fun, especially in weather like this.


Today is Monday the Thirteenth. Isn’t it odd that Friday the Thirteenth is considered ominous while Monday the Thirteenth is not? Since when are Fridays more foreboding than Mondays?

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  1. If you really want to know- the ominous nature of Friday is a holdover from the Middle Ages and the occurance of the Crucifixion on Friday. 13 has long had occult significance and supposedly Jesus was crucified on Friday the 13th.