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Caramel Corn at The Armchair Chef

Tink B-D over at The Armchair Chef hosted the 2007 Holiday Bake-Along, recipes and reminiscences from needlework and quilting professionals. I missed announcing the start of it here; shame on me! But of course you already watch that site since she does this regularly, and we usually submit a recipe, right? No?! Well shame on you, too. HA! (Take that!)

You know, you can put your email address into the box in the right-hand column of The Armchair Chef blog site and be notified when a new recipe is posted. Or, if you use Google Reader or some other news/blog collection system, add that site to your watch list.

Anywho, Funk & Weber Designs was up on December 24th. I’m just getting caught up on some (not all, by any means) blog-reading and only now noticed. Luckily, stuff on the internet doesn’t generally go away, so you can still check it out. It’s a caramel corn recipe, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. If you have trouble staying awake until midnight, the sugar can help.

I’ve got a problem now, though. I’m about tapped out for sweet-treat recipes. The truth is, I generally eat simply and healthfully.

papaya1.jpgDid I say “simply”? Mike might disagree. He’s getting me a papaya. It’s all mine; he doesn’t like them.

I’d love to submit my lentil/dried apricot soup recipe, or my chicken-soup-with-tofu-and-strange-delicious-spices recipe, but those aren’t the kind of recipes being sought. Although why not? Hey! I think I’ll suggest it to Tink: A series of soup recipes during, say, February. We could call it Heartwarming Soups for Bone-chilling Days. I’ve got enough soup recipes to let me participate in that one for years.

I’ve also got a year to come up with another yummy sweet recipe for the 2008 Holiday Bake Along. Got any suggestions?

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