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Put your thinking totems on. I invite you to join the wackiness that is NaNoWriMo for just a few minutes and give me hand. I need a whole bunch of fictional YA book titles, dozens at least. Yes, indeedy, I’m writing about fictional fiction. Or something. It’s still a little confusing.

I need a variety of genres: titles that sound like fantasy, mystery, romance, whatever. Really, anything goes. Extra points for humor and/or cleverness. You can rearrange real titles (put the real title in parentheses so we can see how clever you are) or pull words out of the air, which is what I’ve been doing. You can even make up words and call it Fantasy.

arctic2.jpgJen in NaNoLand. There’s a story out there somewhere, I just know it!

If you choose to accept this Thinkquest and post your titles in the comments, we’re going to assume you’re giving me permission to use them, assigning me all, or at least shared, rights to them. (And just so you know, under current laws you can’t copyright a title. If Orphan Works legislation passes, a copyright won’t mean diddly, anyway. Oooooooo, Jen got snippy.) We should also assume that I’m going to sell this NaNoNovel, which will be made great by your titles, for millions of dollars, become famous, younger, and prettier, and you will get bupkiss, which is to say my undying gratitude.

Fine print. Fine print. Fine print.

This kind of assistance is perfectly legal under NaNo rules. I checked.

So…what have you got for me?

As of today: 24,091 words out of 50,000.

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  1. Um, Fake YA Titles…

    Totally Busted
    The Zorm of Zeus
    Bronze Fury
    Trips, Sips, and Bips
    Cornflakes for Dinner
    Mr. Sensitivity
    Living the Lie
    Down and Really Dirty
    Hotstuff Came for Dinner
    Bites, Fights and Knights
    Transport to Hell High School

    Well. I didn’t say they would be good titles. Though I’m kind of digging Asiattic.

  2. Who are you kidding?! I’m putting down my Cheerios for Dinner (I am not making this up) to tell you that I love these. Furthermore, one title hits a nail that you cannot possibly see right on the head. It’s definitely going in. Tomorrow.

    Oh, this is going to be fun!

  3. Absolutely True Stories of a Teenaged Pixie
    Mixed Up/Remixed/Unhinged
    You Cannot Possibly Know My Pain

    I think I don’t teenagers enough credit. But then, I taught college freshmen for eight years.

  4. And Then There Were None
    Woe is Me
    What…Me, Procrastinate?
    Cabin Fever
    To the Maxxe
    Fo’ Shizzle My Nizzle
    Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

  5. You’re getting great suggestions! Here are my pale attempts.
    The Dragon With the Girl Tattoo
    The Summer Nothing Happened
    I Had It Here Somewhere!
    The Dream Saga Trilogy
    Sky Dreamer
    Water Dreamer
    Earth Dreamer (I may have the order wrong. It’s been a while since I read them)
    Couldn’t You Just DIE?

    Shelly, I’m pretty sure Agatha Christie beat you to And Then There Were None. Good title, though.

  6. Hey, I like that for a title!

    Dag Nabbit


    I Was Just Saying!
    Not Me
    It Was Just Yesterday (Or Maybe Three Years Ago…I Can’t Remember Which)
    Eeny, Meeny, Minie, Moe
    The Flip Side
    Byte Me
    When The People Beat Their Feet on the Mississippi Mud
    Half Time

    This really is fun.

  7. Feel free to post more. I’ll be checking back. I’ve used a couple already and will be using lots more.

    They’re great!